hillaryThe Republican Party is extremely unpopular. Only 29 percent of Americans view Republicans favorably. As the Republican presidential wannabes strive to out-crazy each other during the primaries, that number probably will go lower. If Democrats get out the vote next year, and unless Republicans can figure out some deceptive way of scaring the living daylights out of the American people, the Republican Party is increasingly obsolete at the national level. They can still do tremendous damage, though, at the state and local level.


Successful Convention

convention2015b convention2015aStokes County Democrats had a rollicking good county convention last night at the Quaker Gap community center. Among the many concerns raised by the group, fracking was high on the list. Mary Kerley of No Fracking in Stokes was present at the meeting as a guest. She gave an excellent talk and updated the group on the test drilling that will soon occur in Walnut Cove. William Kiser gave a brilliant presentation on the Democrats’ Vote Builder database and how Stokes Democrats will use it to improve our grass-roots organization.

Steve Carroll, chair of the nominating committee, conducted the election for new officers. The new members of the county executive committee are: David Dalton, chair; Michael Hylton, first vice chair; Rev. Greg Hairston, second vice chair; Elizabeth O’Neal, third vice chair; Rebecca Newsome, secretary; and Carol Wood, treasurer.

William Kiser and Paula Duggan were appointed to a committee to work with each precinct on getting the most out of Vote Builder. Graham Flynt and Michael Booth were appointed to a youth outreach committee.

Near the end of the meeting, Buddy Dunlap stood up and told the group that he has been attending Democratic meetings in Stokes County for 60 years, but that he has never seen more enthusiasm in the room than last night. Then he handed the treasurer a check for a $500 donation.

List of Nominees

The list of nominees to stand for election to the Executive Board of the Stokes County Democrat Party at the annual county convention on April 21, 2015 at Quaker Gap Community building at 7:00 PM:
Chairman – David Dalton
1st vice chair – Michael Hylton
2nd vice chair – Greg Hairston
3rd vice chair – Elizabeth O’Neal
Secretary – Rebecca Newsome
Treasurer – Carol Wood
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