Sep 282014

2014 Pocket Guide

New Rules for Voting
Know your rights!
Be ready!

New Rules
– Early voting lasts 10 days
– No same-day registration
– No straight party voting
– One Election Day, you must vote at your precinct’s poll

Below are some of the items listed on DemocracyNC’s Voting Info Wallet Card. Please download the .pdf and share with friends and co-workers.

Voter ID. In 2014, an official at the polls will ask if you have a photo ID but you don’t need to show one to vote this year. A photo ID requirement starts in 2016 – if the courts do nto stop it.

Deadline. Voters must register in their home county by October 10 to vote in the November 4 election.

Aid Inside. A family member can help you vote. A voter with a disability or reading hardship may help anyone but your employer or union agent. If you mess up a ballot, ask the official for a new one. If the voting room is not accessible due to age or physical disability, you can vote at the curb in a vehicle.

Inside Poll. You may wear a shirt or hat with a candidate’s name in the polls, or take a list of your choices to help you remember, but don’t call attention to these items. Do not use a cell phone or camera.